Are Covid -19 Patients In Nigeria Abducted To Be Isolated Or Truly Isolated?

The  Coronavirus monstrous world scare is hitting Nigeria so hard as the number of cases increases by the day!
The world scare!
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There is, however, a present mystery revolving around the disappearance of Nigerians from their homes either in the north, south, east, or western part of Nigeria into isolation centres.
The scare is beginning to send shocks to the pain already caused by the fact that a strange pandemic which is novel and monstrous is staring us in the face!

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The mystery, however, is unravelling seeming truths to many Nigerians who are beginning to doubt the authenticity of NCDC's revelations about the increasing number of Covid-19 patients they roll out on a daily basis.

The truth is Nigerians are beginning to doubt the government. The revelations from some who were isolated is a pointer and shocker that the increasing number is to attract assistance from well-meaning individuals and big-time organisations who are pumping in money to salvage the situation. It all seems the situation is an opportunity for some to hike the figures of patients by abduction, then get hiked amounts! Which do we believe?
Companies, billionaires some of whom are Aliko Dangote, Tony Elumelu and some international organisations have contributed to the relief funds for Covid-19.

Is it truly a situation that warrants isolation or is it abduction as a guise to attract monetary gains which may be later shared amongst ghost individuals?
There's no trust for our government at the moment by her citizens and this is painful. Nigerians feel betrayed!

How can patients who just left an isolation centre after being picked up from Zumba in Shiroro Local government area say that he was tested positive to COVID-19, only for him to receive no medication was given throughout the 14 days, not even paracetamol? The patient had pleaded anonymous.

In fact, food was all he was given. Afterwards, he was neither treated nor retested before he was discharged!
This was the testimony of a man who allegedly had the virus and detained before his release!
What do you call this? abduction or isolation?
Are the centres arranged in reality to manage the situation or is it a scam? Or are some taking advantage of the situation to attract cash which will be unaccounted for?

A UK returnee some times ago accused Benue State government for keeping her in detention for 43 days by claiming she had the virus. Susan Okpe who visited Benue in March had gone to the hospital to complain about body pains due to jet lag. She was on the verge of discharge when her name was mentioned as the index case of Coronavirus in the state.
                                                  Susan Okpe
                                        Photo credit: Ripples Nigeria

In a video which trended, she said for the 43 days she was detained, she developed no symptoms nor did she take any medication. She said that the result given her was fake as the personal information on it were not hers!
So, who do we believe? Is it a case of careless assumptions or what?

There are other speculations that the discharged announced by NCDC are usually people who had malaria and not those cured of COVID -19. What do we believe?

According to a funny source who had been to isolation, he had so enjoyed the food he wouldn't have gained assess to in his house. In actual fact, he wanted to remain in isolation because it appeared to be a place of enjoyment.

A large percentage of Nigerians know that there is COVID -19 but believe there is some foul play hidden somewhere when it comes to the word 'isolation', which to a large extent means a lot other than the real meaning!
Are Covid-19 patients abducted to be isolated or truly isolated?

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