Lagos Postpones Schools' Resumption Indefinitely!

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Following the warning by the Lagos State government on private schools against the resumption of academic activities for the third termFolasade Adefisayo, the commissioner for education, said some private schools are charging parents for third term tuition for online classes. 

The commission said all schools in the state will remain closed due to the lockdown directive of the federal government, while third term resumption had been postponed until further notice.
Information got to the Ministry of Education that private schools in the State were planning to resume academic activities for the third term of the 2019/20 session through the use of online teaching, and that schools are charging for this online service; often at a discount on existing tuition fees while some schools are charging full fees.
To this end, schools were asked to consult extensively with parents and find a win-win solution that will be acceptable to all stakeholders. The commissioner has asked parents and pupils to take advantage of the free classes offered by the state government on various media, especially radio and television and monitor the activities of their wards because of the hazards that go with such online exposures, like pornography and bullying!
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  1. I want to thank everyone who read or shared this post. We made it, thank you! The honorable Lagos State Commissioner for Education have reacted quite timely to the post below on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

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    IMPORTANT NOTICE: For operators of schools in the country as well as authorities responsible for regulating their affairs.

    Many schools have hastily began online lessons without considering the poor power situation in the country and the high cost of data to use the Internet, not mentioning the burden on parents to make laptops available for their wards to take these online lessons.

    While going online has become a necessity due to COVID-19, operators of schools are hasty, more because of the fees they expect from students for this term or session and not genuinely because of the interest of the students.

    These operators have to exercise caution and wait to see how the lockdown plays out. I also appeal to the authorities to urgently intervene because many student will miss such lessons due to the challenges earlier mentioned.

    If you have a child and you agree with me, please share this post so that it gets to those concern.

    #education #onlinelessons #covid19 #students #schools

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  2. I agree totally with the government!

  3. This is a good action by the government. THey have to take action before it is too late.



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