Nigerians Dread Robbers More Than Covid -19

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Nigerians fear armed robbers much more than the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic now robbing families of their loved ones mostly the elderly and many active young adults who would have lived into their prime! The rate at which this monstrous COVID-19 is reducing the active population world over is outrageous, leaving a gruesome trail of pain and agony in countries of the world. 

However, the lockdown ordered by the government, to have all citizens stay home has also thrown in its own fears into the hearts of the world, particularly in Nigeria. Bonfires on streets at night and Managing directors of companies, landlords, all fathers, in fact, have become night guards to support the vigils of the security men they hired since the rate of theft has increased badly!

Covid-19 sparked the lockdown, but now the fear of robbers has eaten deeply than the main reason for the lockdown. A case study is Ogunrun road in Mowe, Ogun State. The streets are naked even during the day time. Our security operatives must be agile to increase public confidence in the Police Force, so that fear for robbers doesn't kill them before Covid-19 does.                                                                                                                                                                                        

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