Rainbow House Talent Academy Projects

Rainbow House talent academy is founded by Deborah Omoaregba.  Discovering and developing talents is our greatest passion and we nurture talents inherent in children...

Children love the rhymes in my educative book!

Aunty Debby's book on rhymes is built around letter sounds for early learners to enhance early literacy, language and speech clarity, phonological awareness and ability to think critically. We mentor children writers in addition. She mentored many children writers, one of which is the child author Oladipupo Giwa who wrote his first book titled Max the glutton and other stories.

Aunty Debby also impacts her environment the best way she can. The vision to enlighten the people of Mowe in terms of turning a green environment by turning waste to wealth and embarking on clean up initiatives is part of her vision.
In creating a green world, she has also powered talent programs to brighten the skills inherent in children. 

Defending the girl child is not far from her growing passion to sustain the rights of children everywhere and anywhere. Also, mentoring children in every right way possible.

Book reading workshop for kids is a space that opens doors for them to become great writers. Reading enhances writing skills, thus the founding of 'iWrite' Academy. 

The green initiative was introduced to Carol school to further create awareness about children and their environment. In this way, actualizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) global initiative.

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