Nigeria Scientists Invent World class Low Cost Ventilator in One Week

Photo OGTV: Nigeria made ventilator

Necessity is the mother of Invention...

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in China in December 2019, personal protection equipment (PPE) such as face mask, hand gloves and coveralls have been in short supply globally and their prices have soared, going as high as three hundred percent. As for ventilators, which is the most sought after piece of medical equipment, because the lives of patients who are in critical conditions or emergency cases depends absolutely on availability of these devices, as such, ventilators have become the most priced piece of medical equipment in the world today, and their non availability has made them become quite expensive, running into thousands of US Dollars.

The inadequate availability of ventilators in Nigeria have created concerns in the minds of our health management workers as well as officials of the Federal Ministry of Health, who have all expressed their worries about how to manage and contain the spread and fatalities of the pandemic without having adequate ventilators, especially at such a times when we may have probable increase in the  number of active COVID-19 cases around the country.

In the midst of global scarcity for ventilators, scientists and engineers in Ilaro Polytechnic in Western Nigeria have risen to the task by exhibiting their ingenuity by invested a world standard low cost ventilator, which they produced in a record time of just 7 days. This development is a break-through that could save the country millions of dollars in importation cost for ventilators.

This invention presents a window of opportunity for both the private sector and the relevant organs of government to form an alliance to support the development of this project urgently, to ensure that we begin mass production of ventilators, especially at this time when the country's COVID-19 cases are still within controllable level, so that we do not wait until it gets out of hand.
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