Covid 19 -Is Governor Makinde Right To Exempt Oyo State From A Lockdown?

Governor Seyi Makinde on Monday said there will be no lockdown or restriction across the state during the distribution of palliatives for people which will kick off this week. From another angle, a lockdown should enable ease in such exercise!
He linked the close to 60 per cent of the COVID-19 cases recorded in the state to the University College Hospital, Ibadan. But does that mean safety can still be guaranteed with an unlocked situation?
 Makinde stated that the initial suggestion of lockdown by the state commissioner for special duties, Bayo Lawal and members of his committee in charge of palliatives have foreseen rowdiness during the exercise. Thus, ninety thousand households have been identified as poor of the poorest while another thirty thousand had also been identified as vulnerable and they are to benefit from the government reliefs.
Civil servants from level 13 and above to resume, despite the state trying to ascertain the number of Covid 19 cases.
With regards to security matters, he assured that Amotekun will come on board soon to support the efforts of security agencies in the state.
Security may be in place, but saying there will be no lockdown because of palliatives may give room for unnecessary movement as human beings react differently to situations.
Is his decision right, will it not aid the further spread of the deadly virus?
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