Burglers Break Into A Redeemed Christian Church Of God During Lockdown!

The advantage taken by thieves now is the fact that the government has forewarned that there should be no religious, social and economic gatherings due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The cancellation of church services has laid strategies for thieves to break into the church located at Okepa area of Mowe in Ogun state to cart away the satellite, instruments and some other valuables there.
Some ministers of the church had been alerted in the wee hours of April 2nd by neighbouring members to inform them about the incident.
This is an awakening call to organisations and religious bodies to ensure maximum security during this lockdown because thieves do not think that in the course of breaking the law of staying at home , they could walk into contacting the deadly Covid-19 as a reward for their evil acts.
While the entire world is sourcing for solution to the present world problem, some are dangerously engaging in acts that can attract the wrath of God! It should remind us about the Bible verse that says 'While men slept, the devil came to sew tares'. While we pray at home, we still have to pray for our buildings against evil vices and not completely close our eyes!
Also,while we are staying home against our natural will, we should also be conscious of our environment. The case has however, been reported to the nearest Police Station by AP filling station, along the Lagos Ibadan Express way!
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  1. God will find them out! There's no way of escape for them.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Nawa oo, they no fear God..?



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