Attention Unicef! Danger Signal! -Begin Advocacy For The Boy Child!

Introducing boys into the boy gender advocacy is of paramount importance! The noise of advocacy for girls is 100% and yielding so much results in Nigeria and the world over.This has encouraged more girls to be admitted in universities, more decent girls aspiring for greatness in life.The present jamb results in some universities, have shown girls entry is higher than the boys!
In the job space, women are doing wonders, girls going to school than dropping out which was rampant and finally, wife beating is seriously taken up, thus more value is placed on the girl child. An applause for Unicef!
On the other hand, the number of boys going to the university seems to be dropping! The rate of male truancy is on the increase! Boys are more into vices like stealing, murdering, homosexuality, wife beaters,and so on! Homes are breaking because more men are loosing the true value of fatherhood!
As the advocacy for girls is yielding progress, the opposite sex seems to be declining in major areas that affects our society at large.
The society stands at risk of moral decadence if there is no advocacy for the boy child.There has to be a balance! If the girls are getting secured, and the boys not managed, there will be trouble in homes, schools, religious houses and the world at large! We have to remember that no matter how much we advocate for the girl child, the boy child potentially remains the head of every home.Imagine homes with a bad head? It will rob off on the women!
Including boys in the gender advocacy programmes will make a lot of sense!
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  1. Yes oo, the attention accorded to the female genders has caused a serious decline on the male folks, thanks to UNICEF



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