OAU Sexual Saga! -Nigerians Beat Up The Accused Lecturer!

Less than three weeks after the Management of OAU, Ile Ife, expressed her zero-tolerance against sexual harassment by investigating and suspending a lecturer of the Department of International Relations, Mr. Olabisi Olaleye, the University has suspended Omo-Etan, a staff of the University’s Centre for Distance Learning for sexually molesting a 19-year-old female student.
The Management has emphasised her commitment to the eradication of any form of sexual harassment, molestation or other social vices. However, Nigerians have continued to react angrily!
'Good for him! Shameless man!' Akuoma said.
'Very good news!'-Anonymous.
'Animals in human form!' -Anonymous.
'Allegedly?? We need evidence to know our stand.Said one Akachi. Answering him fast was another in Yoruba dialect 'What Evidence do you need, iwo omo ale jati jati yi? Until they will gang...
'And this animal would be one of those complaining about the lawless state of the country. Abuse of power at every level. Hope he's taught a thing or two while in detention'-Anonymous.
One Mr David said our educational system is in a mess! One said "great' ,while another termed it a fringe benefit they used to enjoy! A reply chased after fast that he should hold himself so as not to see himself in the news.

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