The Unfolding Artistic Talent In Kylie Jenner's Toddler!

Stormi, Kylie Jenner's little girl is turning into an artist! Kylie shared an adorable new video of Stormi playing with glittery paint, and of course, the makeup mogul even let her clothes be. Stormi's new hobby is gradually growing into a talent. 
Updates about the nearly two-year-old daughter are often been posted by her mum on social media.
Kylie's growing talent - Stormi
On January 7, it was from a painting session in the backyard. Kylie posted a photo of a multi-colored painting that Stormi made, as well as a video of the little girl rubbing glitter all over her mom’s expensive-looking leggings.
The pants were covered in glitter and Kylie doesn’t hesitate to let Stormi run up and put even more on the backside. It's adorable to see such a thing! When children are encouraged on what talent they exhibit, they will definitely be inspired to do more! This is a very good way to encourage talents in children. Let them the free hand to be expressive.
Stormi is growing up fast and will be, and is less than one month away from her second birthday. Kylie is clearly feeling quite emotional over the impending big day, as earlier this week, she reminisced on her pregnancy by sharing a throwback photo of her bare baby bump.
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