Teacher Invents 'Rap-Spelling' Method To Help Her Challenged Pupils In Spelling!

Rap happens to be a type of popular music of US black origin in which words are recited rapidly and rhythmically over an instrumental backing.

A creative teacher has however invented a 'rap-spelling' method of assisting her pupils who are challenged in spelling words.
Denesse has taught spellings in the preschool and lower primary for many years as a subject under the umbrella of English Language in some high brow schools in Lagos.
However, the methods yielded success. Methods of using flashcards through sounds, reinforcements through repetitive learning, engaging her pupils in spelling games, using the scrabble style, and so on.
In the quest to devise new methods to teach the subject, she didn't rest on her oars.' Old methods could be revised but boredom sets in for a teacher who does not long to learn new things! The world is evolving, and so, every teacher must evolve with it. Times have changed and we have to change with time'.
She further said 'Methods of learning can be subject to change.Only a lazy teacher will not find her own pedagogy'.With this yearning in mind, Denesse sort a new learning style of teaching-learning.RAP!
She leveraged on her singing skills to create raps for words like medicine, bicycle, Simon Peter, and so on. These words were the pilot test that launched her into her newfound pedagogy!
The results? 'You bet! the children love it like they love their snacks! I simply caught them! she said. 90% success has been recorded using this new method in her class.
'Children aren't expensive at all! Just add the play and fun into their serious work life and you will find the learning.'She added.
She does not mind sharing this pedagogy with whoever approaches her, but they have to do so through Opera. The reporter of the story. In due time, she hopes to share the videos of the 'RAP- SPELLING'.

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