Inter-Tribal War Averted In Mowe!

Just this cool evening, the 20th of January 2020, at Mowe Market in Ogun state, a sudden conflict would have sparked up an inter-tribal war between the Yoruba and Hausa traders! 
Everything was going rather well as workers returned from work, some buying and selling, others gisting in dialects, pedestrians going to unknown destinations, beggars doing their thing,...I can go on and on and on!
Suddenly, things went rough between a Yoruba meat seller and a Hausa fruit seller! There was a scramble for space by the road where passersby could see them clearly for the sake of patronage.
Truly, this didn't matter at all. But both men saw positioning by the road meant attraction to buyers.
The Hausa trader hurled a stool in the air after the Yoruba trader insulted while the meat seller picked his matchet. Both men were held back. Pleas from their fellow Yoruba and Hausa traders rent the air.They did everything possible to stop a fight and eventual conflict from happening!
It was great seeing Nigerians unite as one to salvage the situation. There was no discrimination as both parties mediated the salvage the situation. The Hausa fruit seller who had gotten injured got water from a Yoruba neighbour to wash his finger.
There was an eventual calm and everyone went about their normal businesses. I was so moved by the scenario. My love for Nigeria grew more immediately.
Nigerians are beautiful inside -out. I wish we all knew this.
United we stand but divided we fall! This should the true NAIJA SPIRIT.

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  1. Its not easy oo, people of different tribe, culture, religion to live peacefully

  2. That's not good, they should live peacefully...



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