How A Dad Killed His Miracle Baby!

Isaac Bullard, aged 38, forgot to put his baby Jesse Bullard in his truck to take him to a babysitter in Canyon City, Colorado because he was 'high' on drugs.
Jesse’s mom Tamlin Bullard explained that the little boy was their miracle baby they had spent years struggling to have. It was painful to lose such valued one they had craved for. She said that the death penalty given him was too good for him.
It was an irony that a man who would not let her take hot showers when she was pregnant to keep their unborn baby safe could be so careless.
A man who could drop his weeds and other drugs to ensure he cared for his little miracle boy. It was contradictory that a dad who wanted to see his son's smiling face ran his truck over him in a moment of his 'high state'!
However, Isaac has since been arrested and charged with multiple crimes.
Tamlin was in the process of divorcing Isaac when her son died.

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