Abusive Uncle Still Came After Marriage To Rape Me!

Biola...he called me with so much care and concern. He was my best uncle! He stood by us through thick and thin when dad became ill.
I was only seven when he came to live with us. The entire family saw uncle Tunde as a father figure we all could run to when we needed fatherly counsels.
Little did the family know that he was the main enemy who pretended to be our best, but was the one who came in to cause dad's illness so as to take advantage of his innocent young girl.
He admired me over every one of my siblings. Sometimes, I had felt it was because I was the baby girl of the family of six children. Five tough boys and a gentle girl, the last of the six.
Uncle Tunde bought me gifts and interesting snacks, but he never tried anything funny until I clocked 13.It was like a paedophile who chose his own time to do his evil after setting his dangerous traps of 'trust in him' for many years!
Of course, I, in particular trusted him. One day, he picked me from school and started telling me countless things about 'bum bum'.This sounded amusing to me and never suspected anything until he asked me to sit on his lap day in, day out.In the course of this, he would hold my chest touching my young bust.
As I noticed this was often happening, I told my mum who helped me escape from his presence.I became less seen of him. My siblings never seemed to know what I was going through. Mum just had to listen to me because I taunted her about staying alone with uncle.
In fact, she told me severally to believe in him, but I was so unsure of this trust.I missed my dad!
Fast forward to my wedding day, years after dad died, he stood as my father. This was after I had gone through a series of attempts by him to touch me. I remember one instance when I had to run to my friends' homes. He would still be the father to return me home.
Yes, after my wedding, he stayed over the night while other family members returned home. He told my husband and inlaws that that was our tradition in Ota.We believed him.In fact , I thought he was a changed man. I was finally married and free from him.
He masterminded my husband being called by a neighbour to drink and chat with him before retiring to his first night with his bride. My husband didn't mind because he knew he had me all to himself after the wedding.
Uncle entered my room subtly. I had fallen asleep after waiting endlessly for my husband.I wasn't stopping him when I felt the touch. Of course, I thought it was Femi. Then, the deed was done!
My uncle committed a taboo! I was disvirgined! I was pained! I hated him when I realised it was him!
Off and quickly, he left, making excuses to leave late that night, while Femi was still drinking and chatting with uncle Tunde's accomplice. Femi had to rush in to see me bloody and in tears.
Our wedding night was such horror that I had to be admitted to the hospital, against the fun night every woman waited for.I cursed my uncle!
Femi was calm and mature about the whole thing in other to give me the courage to go on with life.' Life just has to continue', he said. The wicked uncle went into hiding ever since. I Couldn't imagine why he didn't give up on his wicked scheme. He ended up succeeding after many years of trying.
A year later, I got a call from mum. Uncle Tunde had returned to the village after the crime. He fell sick and confessed to being the one who made dad ill before he died.
We were all in shock! My brothers wanted to go to the village to finish him up when the news of his death came. Cama caught up with him! Justice is indeed not for man.
Today, I am a happy mother of three with a loving and supportive husband. I have made the past become a story to help the younger generation from falling into traps of such!

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