The Largest Lagos Book Tour in Pictures!

I was surprised to learn that some of the tourists scheduled for the book tour organized by iread mobile network had sleepless nights in anticipation of the tour slated for December 17th, 2019.
The sites to be visited were; The Nigerian Films Corporation, The United Nations Information Centre and Book City!
Children love funnnn!
Below are photos of the arrival and registration
of the tourists.

The Chief Explorer, Funmi Ilori who is widely known for her passion to encourage a reading culture through her moble library, was everywhere to ensure everyone was set to tour with excitement.
As the tourists got set, Jim-Sax serenaded them with Christmas melodies which they sang to.
Saxxy Christmas Melodies!

The tourists were fully secured by the Civil Defence Corps who led and followed the Lag buses.
Parents and guardians waved goodbye, hoping to have them return with exciting stories about the tour!

Off we goooo! 

The first place visited was the Nigerian Films Corporation where the tourists met with Otunba Tunji Sotimirin who took them through exciting sessions of folk tales and songs. A film on fake drugs was shown to the children. Mixed reactions followed the film show as the tourists asked and answered questions. They creatively narrated what they would have either added or removed from the film.

At the Nigerian Film Corporation
The second place to visit was the United Nations Information Centre where the tourists got more insight into the Sustainable Development Goals which aims at meeting the increasing needs of the world .
Display of the Sustainable Development Goals by the tourists.

Refreshments can never be overlooked when it involves children!

After the enjoyment, the last place to visit was Book City. A lot of excitement followed the visit.
Storybooks! children love, love and love storybooks!
It is obvious that iread mobile library is laying a solid foundation for the reading culture in children.

As they return to the buses, they delve into a different world of adventure in storybooks they bought till they arrive at the IRead Hub, waiting to be received by the warm embrace of their beloved parents!
Children love books! 
                Funmi Ilori is a passionate reader.No wonder, she lives who she is !
                                                       She is what she does!
The children anticipate the next book tour in 2020 with all their hearts!

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