Date Wiz Kid Discovered!

This 21st-century genius who has the gift of telling dates of years passed or that to come is a startling revelation that has left many awestruck!
He is by the name Oluwasijuanuwomi Adewepo. A primary five pupil of Carol school, Agidingbi Ikeja.A school, notable for turning out outstanding pupils!

'Siju startling TVC Reporters with his date telling!
He goes on and on and on to answer questions on dates asked him by his classmates. The TVC Reporters couldn't help asking him to name the day of their birthdays, which this genius uncovered effortlessly!
A classmate peered through a Pepsi bottle like the child he is, trailing how his friend could smartly figure out dates! Though, Siju is known for this!

Mr Godwin Ikechukwu, his teacher further gave insights into other gifts 'Siju has. Singing Godly songs in English and Yoruba dialect was part of him.
\Mr Ola Awakan of TVC interviewing the Head of school,Mrs Bola Adeaga, Head of Academics, Mr Augustine Ugbodaga and Consultant,Dr. Ibukun Oluderu on their findings in a wonderful school as Carol!

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