Teacher Cartoon That Will Leave You Crying And Laughing!

Parents, during any school break!
Enjoying your holiday? I'm stuck at home looking after my kids and it's hard work! Teacher: Well I normally look after 30 children, you myst appreciate why I need this break.
Photo Credit: Bored Teachers

When the Admin comes in the break room
Admin: Did I just hear you laughing? Break-time is not for actually relaxing!
Photo Credit: Bored Teachers

Adin: I need your moderated, end of half-term assessments, your completed behavior chart tick-sheets and all annotated exercise books for each child by end of today, and smiles out, it's Christmas!
Photo Credit: Bored Teachers

Teacher contemplating wall of wet paint drying. Caption "It was a choice of watching this or attending a staff meeting..."
Photo Credit: Bored Teachers.

Hoops to jump through
"I've got a delivery for the headteacher from the Department of Education" "Hoops to jump through" truck
Photo credit: Bored Teachers
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