Sad- Joy Story On The Long Bridge! #Kara Road Construction

The story of sadness and joy accompanied the construction of the road at Kara bridge, off Berger, on Lagos -Ibadan expressway.
As if the problem of gridlock posed by the construction isn't enough, the many other hardships followed the pain, though, joy alighted for some in the face of this strong hardship like spending five hours in traffic before some workers get to their destinations.

In the face of the gridlock, the opening of the 'dam', only God knows which? Osun dam or Ogun dam added to the burden of having all alternative routes swallowed by the flooded bridge. Fears made many motorists drive against traffic to supplement the pain of those travelling outside Lagos to face worse dangers!
Overheating and broken down vehicles are not left out!
 Alternative routes on the long bridge opening up for movement now after weeks of been submerged by flood.

Students heading for school having spent endless hours in the gridlock 

                            An aboki caught fishes from the flooded  bridge to sell
 Prayers must not be missed! Prayer time met him in the gridlock!
Construction still on going at kara on Lagos -Ibadan Express way on Tuesday 19th November, 2019

Apart from the long bridge saga, the occupants of some parts of the Wawa, Opic Estate along the express had to flee their flooded homes, and of course, the popular Turkish school closed down activities in the school and resorted to online lecturing of their students. The rain didn't make it any easier as the downpour continued. Recently, the water is beginning to find it's level.

To bike riders, particularly the Opay riders, it was time to make more money as tired commuters alight on the bridge to board bikes at higher charges. The prices from the long bridge at this time, ranging from 500-1000 naira.
A filled day for them!

Hawkers of breakfast took advantage of the long hours' office workers spend on the bridge to make breakfast of Akara, Okpa , Ofada rice available for sale! A great gesture to bring more money!

The pain of seeing children, I mean students stranded on the long bridge for endless hours broke my heart! They trek tirelessly with determination to get to their destinations.
Most of them are from Mowe-Ibafo, in Ogun state. At 10am, and still on the hectic road after missing two or three periods of lessons!
How can such children be psychologically ready for the day?
Sweaty, tired looking, they back their school bags with the determination to get to school.
According to a source, the students attend government schools and their parents can't afford the exorbitant fees of the private schools.
Teachers and other office workers share in the pain these innocent children face.

Stranded Muslim brothers end up saying part of their daily prayers on the bridge path in the face of been stranded while some 'Aboki's' are seen hawking fishes caught from the flooded long bridge.

A mixture of sadness and joy you may call it.
We call on corporate organizations and schools to be understanding at a time like this.
May Nigeria succeed!

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