Painful Experience Of Mowe Students Schooling In Lagos State.

As an educational journalist and blogger, it took me endangering myself to share this touching story of students' struggles to journey down to Lagos to have education at all costs!

I was almost attacked by illiterate 'Agberos' who didn't understand my motive for taking the snapshots. They hurled insults at me right there at Berger Bus stop, but guess what?
Humanly, I felt terribly bad because my motive was misjudged.
They had thought I was aiming at reporting to the road authorities, what I had snapped.

Let us get to the root of the matter, and stop the suspense!
As an educator, the heaviest burden in me, when journeying every day to work in the face of heavy gridlocks caused by the construction along the Kara bridge via Berger is not the added cost of 200 nairas on the previous200 naira which adds up to 4oo naira to Berger/Secretariat, to get to work.

Neither the stress posed by heavy five-hour traffic nor the uneasy thought of getting to work late or arriving home late!these were many of the troubles caused by the construction on the Lagos /Ibadan Expressway!
They were unavoidable issues that constituted horror! but my hurt every day is to see students struggle to get to school or return home amidst stress, pressures, sweats, cashless times, and may have to join strangers or climb trucks , willing to offer free rides or for some peanut amount.
I bled each day in my heart!
I am a passionate teacher and can't stand see children suffer or go through pain...
This suspense must end!

To my story:
I walked down the footbridge to see children climbing up a waiting truck which was already adding up to the gridlock that hot afternoon. It was a scary sight for me!
I knew it! I understood what was going on. Travellers , students, and workers returning back home had no means to as there were no vehicles in view.
Of course, I was one of them!

The poor students who had gone through the rigors of learning still had to pay a painful price to get home! One, two, three, four,...till the number increased.
It was an opportunity to sensitize the government about ongoings affecting the education of our future leaders, though, posed by the road construction.
Thank you our government for doing a good job of such magnitude. Yes, we all, must pay a price to achieve a greater Nigeria, yes, nothing ventured, nothing win,  it is not funny!

These students get stranded at the long bridge in the mornings and trek endlessly, till they get to school possibly by 11am, haven left home at 5am. Psychologically, they are defeated in emotions, physically, mentally... I can go on and on and on. I am pained (in tears)
How will they learn?

Back to my story, I seized the opportunity to take snapshots to show the plight of these children, so as to possibly sit down and devise methods of making the road construction faster!
I had to swallow my embarrassment when the 'Agbero' made noise about my action.It was obvious that I was misunderstood. didn't argue, rather, I carefully told another elderly trader who quietly disapproved of my action.
I confidently walked up to her and spoke the little I knew in the Yoruba dialect, in translation, I said I was a teacher and was to tell my students the danger of climbing unto moving trucks and possibly let the public know what students go through on weekly basis on the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.

Alarmed by my intention, she ran after the rough Agbero to explain my intention.MEEEEEEN! Illiteracy is a disease! How negativity fills the minds.It made me view life differently at least from their own melancholic angle.That was their level of understanding, no hard feelings!
He was obviously sorry but I didn't wait for an apology, I just had to find my way out of the place, with a lot of 'WHAT IFS' filling my mind...
My phone was safely returned to my bag.
You can imagine how many innocent persons have been unjustly attacked in the jungle justice moves.

God saw my heart weep for the children. He protected me.
May the Nigerian children succeed, amen.

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  1. Amen in mighty name, what a thoughtful and expository write up. The LORD bless you and continually strengthen the work of your hand.



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