A Born Teacher, Haunted By Destiny!

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It all started before she got into college. Law was the dream for Vanessa. She wanted to become a lawyer. Yes, she loved dialogues and she could argue with every bit of reason to give her arguments deserving credits at high school.

Things suddenly took a different turn when her family lost a huge sum of money in a business. George, Vanessa's immediate younger and only brother Anthony was also due to the university in the same year!

It was time to sacrifice for Anthony. Yes, it had become a pattern for every member of the family to see him as an idol because he was the only son, even if not the youngest in the home. As usual, dad and mum needn't ask Vanessa to step down to a teacher training college for Anthony to enjoy his full university admission.
Vanessa forfeited hers and took a pre-degree form in the College of Education since she hadn't planned for a teacher program. She had scored so high above the cut off mark in JAMB but was obviously useless since she had to step down for Anthony to have a good education. Teaching was great, but of course, not to her!

Their parents didn't want Anthony to have it rough because he was treated as the BABY BOY KING OF THE HOUSE!
The university he got admission into was the most expensive in the federation in the early nineties in Nigeria!
Everyone was sure that Anthony would be the pride they all anticipated and will be a force to reckon with.No one looked forward to waiting to have him pay back all sacrifices but wanted the best for him. That was the family tradition.

Vanessa went to a college of Education which was less recognized, as a value was not placed on the teaching profession. The slogan: TEACHERS REWARDS ARE IN HEAVEN, thrived endlessly as one which we students all believed will last forever!
She had the hopes of crossing from college to study law, her main dream after studying courses that she could leverage later.

At the college, she was a triangular student whose lifestyle was hitched on: HOSTEL, TO LECTURE ROOMS TO THE CHRISTIAN HOUSE FELLOWSHIP. Just her own philosophy of life, to enable her focus. She was obsessed with LAW!

At the admissions office, a strange thing happened!
The admissions officer congratulated her. she was eligible to use the same JAMB result
which had been seen as useless since her hopes to go to the university were dashed.
It was by mistake that she left the result in her college file which was bid for submission and clearance.

That was one pointer miracle in her life! She was sensing something but refused to accept within. She was ready to fight against becoming a teacher!
Again, she relaxed, thinking chance just made it happen.

Funny enough, a test had been put before her at the point of entry when the same lady who saw the jamb result at the admissions office asks her to tell a  lie to her parents that Vanessa's   younger sister who gained  entry to 100 level at the same time as Vanessa, was not eligible but should run a pre-degree as Vanessa. This was because the lady, seeing they were sisters, wanted to give Vanessa the edge, possibly thinking Vanessa was sad about the pre-degree offered her. Her sadness was in coming to the college and not otherwise!

Incidentally, Tonia turned down the admission! She preferred a university, with hopes of things getting better for the family.
With this background in mind, the lady at the admissions office lauded Vanessa for her refusal to lie to her parents about the eligibility status of her kid sister. HER WORDS WERE: GOD HAS BEEN FIGHTING FOR ME, IN ANY CASE, I WILL NEVER DO SUCH EVIL. IF I DO, WHO WILL INTERCEDE FOR ME WHEN GOD TURNS HIS FIGHT TO ME?

Vanessa continued her journey in a modest way, but God was on the journey with her. She was a first-class student. There was noticeable, no hiding place for her!
A Godly, beautiful and intelligent lady with a heart hoping to graduate from the college of Education fast and head for her law dream!
A voice told her teaching was her dream, but day in and out, she battled stubbornly with her thoughts!
The fact remained that teaching was a no-no!

At graduation, awards trailed after Vanessa. With delight from her lecturers, she was asked to be retained as a junior lecturer, again destiny haunted her! More pieces of evidence of destiny's haunt showed when the college became accredited to run first degree courses! It was the first-ever given such accreditation, but Vanessa fled!
How else could God have shown HIS MIGHTINESS?

Vanessa felt haunted by a destiny that God was fully in! She was haunted even in her dreams as she often saw herself in the midst of children, a classroom setting!
She hid this reality haunting her from every and anyone!

Vanessa got married and souced for office jobs rather than teaching jobs. The hardship in marketing was far too much to explain. She had lost her niche.

After her first child, the haunt continued...
At that time, the teaching profession started gaining better honour and recognition. Vanessa didn't see the future God had seen ahead of her!
The salaries of teachers changed with time...
they equally dress like bankers...
The colonial mentality was deceptive!
Teachers'' rewards became evident in dignity, value-added to the world, monetarily, opportunities...
Teachers have truly become forces to be reckoned with in the society and the world over!
Vanessa the born teacher surrendered to destiny!

Today, she's a graduate of primary education, teacher, educational blogger, counselor, motivational speaker to children, mentor to children writers, writer of educational books and a passionate discoverer and developer of talents in children.
A word from her to all teachers!
You are the best! God chose you to continue the ministry of molding the lives he started from creation with Adam and Eve.
The greatest teacher, God lives inside of teachers, so teach with God's leading!
Vanessa gave in and was never haunted again.

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