Hero Nanny Rushes Boy to Safety as She Encounters Burglar in Home


She's a super nanny!
A California caregiver is being celebrated for her selfless effort to whisk a little boy to safety after a burglar broke into the child's home.

Jenna Lee Baker and the 3-year-old boy she takes care of were out running errands when the burglar smashed his way in.

The suspect could be seen on the family's security cameras making his way through the kitchen of the Irvine home shortly after breaking in.

Home security footage shows the prowler finding Baker's purse and dumping its contents onto the kitchen counter. Then he sauntered through the rest of the house, searching for valuables.

He was still in the home when Baker returned with the child, and she could tell “something wasn’t right.”

That's when the burglar came running down the stairs. The nanny took the little boy and jetted out of the home.

Security cameras caught her running to the neighbor’s house. The spooked intruder ran away seconds later. 
“It was sheer panic,” she recalled to Inside Edition.

Jonathan Lai, the homeowner and the toddler’s father, had nothing but praise for his nanny.
He called Baker a “rock star,” adding, "What she did for my son, [we're] so grateful that she is in our lives."

Lai also admitted that he feels disturbed about the break-in.
“To have him going in to my kids' rooms, it's the most scary thing to me,” he said.

The humble nanny doesn’t think of herself as a hero and says she loves the family.

The suspect has not been caught and anyone with information about the suspect was asked to call Irvine police at (949) 724-7170.

Source:Inside Edition
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