Win 20,000 Naira! New Year Give - Away!

I'm in a good mood, so I have decided to give away N20,000 cash per question you answer correctly as part of the new year giveaways.

1. Who was Nigeria's first wheel barrow pusher?

2. Who was the first indigenous woman to
fry Akara and Yam?

3. What is the full name of the first Nigerian tout

4a. How much in total did Anini steal during his
lifetime as an armed robber?
4b. How much did he give to the masses?
4c. How much did he give to his mother?

5. Who was the first child to trek to school?

6a. Where was the first indigenous madman/ madwoman from?
6b) What was his/her name?

7a. What is the full meaning of the acronym SUYA?
7b. Who invented it?
7c. Who was the first customer to buy it?

8a. Who was the first woman to spend the N1000 naira note?
8b. Where?
8c. When?
8d. What did she buy?

9. As at April 2013, how many mosquitoes are in Aso Rock? (give your answer in binary form)

10. Who was the first Nigerian to drink Garri without Sugar?

10b) Who was the first Nigerian to drink Garri with sugar?

NB: Each question attracts N20,000 recharge card or cash, ur time starts now.

Good Luck!!

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