See This Hilarious Harmattan Anthem! Lol!

I believe you are coping with the season when.......
You try to smile and your lips breaks 😕
You go out with black shoes and return with brown ones 🚶
You use vaseline/groundnut oil instead of your normal cream 🙆🏿
You wash your clothes and it dries within 10mintues 😯
Washing plates used to eat garri is a problem 😩
E ku harmattan season yi ooo....
A season when some people will take holiday from bathroom😛

Arise o cool dry breeze
Harmattan call we obey
To make all wet things dry
With wind & strength & cold
The labour of umbrella past
Shall not just be in vain
To wash legs, than to bath
some girls shall stop 2 rub white
Powder on their face.

I plegde 2 harmathan my visitor
To be heat free, dry and whitish
To purchase vaseline without delay
To defend her white nature
And oppose dry lips & cold breeze
So help me vaseline.

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