Reasons why moms are so tired

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You do everything yourself.- You feel like if something is going to get done, YOU have to do it

You won’t say NO.-With kids, we are presented so many opportunities to DO so many things for and with them. Consider saying NO to some of those requests can be so difficult.

You think that you HAVE to do things to measure up with other moms.-This is a difficult one. It is one that most of us wouldn’t necessarily admit, but deep down inside we have that nagging feeling that “everyone else” does it, so I should be able to as well.

We run ourselves ragged trying to do what we think everyone else is doing. We are so worried that we are not measuring up to other mom’s standards. But who is setting those standards?

Allow yourself to BE who you are.
And remember, your kids don’t NEED a perfect mom. They need a mom who loves them and is present in their lives, and is physically and emotionally well.
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