Sasha Obama Has Been Pairing This Necklace With Every Outfit She Owns

Stuff children do!

You might not mean to do it, but once you find an accessory you love, it's tempting to pair it with everything. Tees now seem plain without that bandana. Hoop earrings look cuter than your simple, everyday studs. As for chokers? Well, they happen to add extra oomph to any ol' outfit. Just ask Sasha Obama. The president's youngest daughter has become a bit obsessed with the It girl-approved extra, layering them with Summer sundresses and rocking tie options with gowns. Take a look at how Sasha wears this stylish necklace ahead, then see why she just might be the most fashionable member of the Obama family.
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  1. I give it up for you girl. Show them high class babrs that simple and elegant makes a lady desirable.



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