CHANGE! Children can now have enough stew as basket of tomatoes crashes from N25,000 to N800!

The price of tomato has crashed from N25,000 to N800 a basket. Few months ago, the price of the essential commodity skyrocketed following the spread of tuta absoluta also known as ‘tomato ebola’ in most of the states that plant and harvest Tomatoes in large quantities. As of this morning, a basket of Tomato in Kaduna sold for as low as N800.

Before the crash , some homes witnessed complaints from children. Following recent survey, the previous scarcity left mothers improvising to make alternatives to replace stew because of the high cost of tomatoes.

Some resorted to spinach sauce without tomatoes,fried rice,pure pepper sauce which sometimes the children rejected because of it's peppery nature.

Tin and sachet tomatoes sky rocketed! But today deprived children can have more than enough!

Mrs Balogun, a mother says her plan at the moment is to get enough to steam and refrigerate because of  uncertainties and irregularities of market prices.

I quite remember a home i visited.The mum in the home shared rice, and sternly warned the children not to return for more stew! When the youngest came for more innocently,she shouted "where did you see tomatoes in the market?"
The girl was scared stiff by the frightening sound of her mum's voice and ran off, crying...

Tomatoes is healthy for children .This change in price is most welcome!


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