Baby in a 130-Degree Car While She Shopped at Walmart

Emotional moment this mother realizes she forgot her baby in her hot car. 

According to news reports, Hannah Secondi left her 1-year-old child in the car with all of the windows and doors closed on a 95-degree day while she shopped in the store for at least 45 minutes. A couple leaving the store heard a faint noise coming out of a minivan — not a cry, but a strange noise — and walked over to investigate. "You imagine the baby is crying in the car because it is so hot, she wasn't crying at all," Chrysty Lansdowne said. Inside, the found a baby drenched in sweat. After pulling on all of the door handles, they found one unlocked and were able to open a door and call first responders to rescue the child. "If the baby would have been unconscious or asleep, we would have had no idea," Jedidiah Bizzell said. Police reports note that the child's internal temperature was more than 100 degrees and firefighters estimate that the temperature inside the car was 120-138 degrees.

By the time the mother returned to the car — with another child in tow — the rescued child had already been transferred to a hospital — where the baby does not appear to have sustained any injuries. The mother was arrested for child abuse and is being held on $50,000 bond.

We say it every time we see one of these videos: how can it happen? And we're told about changes in routines, and honest mistakes. But how is it a mistake when the mother takes another child with her into the store. Do both people forget there's another sibling? Did they forget their phones and purses in the car? I highly doubt it. Hannah Secondi may be distraught that she did it, but the punishment fits the crime here. This is child abuse. If that couple hadn't acted on their instincts, the outcome would have been gravely different. Enough's enough here. Do whatever it takes to remember your kids. Keep your phone in the backseat. Keep your purse in the backseat. Remember your kids!

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