Woman allegedly inflicts deep cut on her teen son’s head for refusing to wash plates (photos)

A woman named Mojisola Jaqueen Ajenifuja has allegedly inflicted deep cut on her 15 year old son, Abdulgafar Ajenifuja’s head, following his refusal to wash plates. The boy was said to have fled their Ikorodu, Lagos residence, after the incident, appealing to the public to save him and his siblings from their mother who he termed ‘violent’.
According to Twitter user, @Arican88, who spoke to the boy, the woman used her high- heeled shoe to inflict a deep cut on his head on Friday and the boy revealed that it’s the same situation his siblings have found themselves in. See the graphic photo after the cut…
“Gafar cried to the press on Saturday and showed the scars of his mother’s beatings all over him. He said that it is the same with his younger ones.’ Arican88 wrote on Twitter.

“He pleaded saying ‘please take me away from my mother before she kills me. I was very brilliant before now and I was happy with my father’s family members around me but now they are far away because of my mother.
“During the interview, he said that his mother gave him a deep cut on his head on Friday because she ordered him to wash plates but he told her to give him more time to study for the practical he will be having the next day.
“Also, he said that his mother’s behavior towards him and his younger ones, is absurd. She treats them like she is not their biological mother,” Arican88 wrote.
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