Did You Know...- Teacher Facts.

  • Teachers are passionate people who enjoy making a difference.
  • Teachers do not become teachers because they are not smart enough to do anything else. Instead, they become teachers because they want to make a difference in shaping young people’s lives.
  • Teachers do not just work from 8-3 with summers off. Most arrive early, stay late, and take papers home to grade. Summers are spent preparing for the next year and at professional development opportunities.
  • Teachers get frustrated with students who have tremendous potential, but do not want to put in the hard work necessary to maximize that potential.
  • Teachers love students who come to class every day with a good attitude and genuinely want to learn.
  • Teachers enjoy collaboration, bouncing ideas and best practices off of each other and supporting each other.
  • Teachers respect parents who value education, understand where their child is academically, and support everything the teacher does.
  • Teachers are real people. They have lives outside of school. They have terrible days and good days. They make mistakes.
  • Teachers want a principal and administration that supports what they are doing, provides suggestions for improvement and values their contributions to their school.
  • Teachers are creative and original. No two teachers do things exactly alike. Even when they use another teacher’s ideas they often put their own spin on them.
  • Teachers are continuously evolving. They are always searching for better ways to reach their students.

  • Teachers do have favorites. They may not come out and say it, but there are those students, for whatever reason with whom you have a natural connection.
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