Mixed Reactions As Mile 12 Moves To Kara

Here are some mixed reactions following the temporal or permanent relocation of Mile 12 market to Kara."I like the accessibility and the central nature" said Alhaja who didn't want her name mentioned.For her, Mile 12 is remote from Ibafo where she resides and re-sells.

Another buyer who pleaded anonymity said it saves the cost of going that far since Kara is along the  Lagos-Ibadan express way.

A family who came early to shop was full of the excitement of  doing a two in one buying;buy meat and "soup stuff'",tomatoes and pepper in one place instead of crossing the Niger to get different things which would make up one pot of stew!

However,the drivers complained bitterly about the "omo oni le" taking undue advantage of the situation to collect much money for picking up passengers with their goods."They take advantage of every situation,he said in yoruba language"

At the moment,Kara is a busy place where all Lagosians seem to now divert to!

Loading to take tomatoes for supply in surbubs

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