Is Mile 12 Market Now Moved To Kara ?

Doing this story was a very delicate one!An experience that wouldn't be forgotten so soon.
I could see fear, anxiety and uncertainty in the eyes of the buyers and sellers at Kara market.They must have thought I was a spy sent to disrupt their new location until I made my intentions known to them."I am scouting for news",I managed to say in yoruba language and so we shook hands and I   started.

Following the incident at the Mile 12 market,Hausa marketers have obviously relocated,may be temporarily to Kara,the popular meat market.The choked Kara can be seen in the photos with goods all over the place.
Perishables like tomatoes,pepper and tatashe were horridly selling to save losses of such produce.It is uncertain if Mile 12 market will return to it's former abode.

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