Is Lagos State Loosing Out On Mile 12 Market Shut down? (photos)

Traders are fast settling and lagosians are getting used to the new location.What is likely to happen?
Will Lagos let Mile12 market go? and loose revenues in the name of finally solving the problem of ethnic conflicts or on the other hand, is Ogun State welcoming the new market, seeing it as an opportunity to add to her revenues?
 Trucks from the nothern part of the country seem to find it easier to assess their new found location because of Kara's closeness to the express road.
" Agbero's"(Area boys) on the prowl, waiting for a fair share of the cake in the new land.
 The Omo oniles are not left out in the game of extorting money from transporters

 Kara,a bee hive of activities...

 Let's go shopping...
 A tired trader

 New market, more traffic on kara axis
Loading stuff!

Kara:The new settlement for the Mile 12 market

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