A Teacher In Georgia Told His Student Her Purpose Was “To Have Sex And Have Children”

teacher student purpose have babies
Credit: WSB TV
Shaniaya Hunter, a junior at Green County High School in Georgia recently got commentary from her teacher that was anything but constructive. Thanks to a recording of the her teacher’s advice on her school-issued iPad, the masses can now be aware that Hunter’s teacher believes she is the “dumbest girl” he has ever met. She detailed the December incident with local news station, WSB-TV.

“I have been around 37 years, and clearly, you are the dumbest girl I have ever met. … You know what your purpose is going to be? To have sex and have children because you ain’t never gonna be smart.”

Speaking with the station, Hunter welled up with tears recounting his words.

“It really hurt me inside,” she said. “I don’t think it’s OK. I don’t think he should be here.”

Hunter’s mother, Cathy Wright, told WSB-TV that the school’s administration did not respond to the incident in the way that she had hoped. Her aunt, Christie Lockhart, called the faculty a “school system that is failing our children and allowing these acts to go on.” Attorney Ben Windham took on the case pro bono, and is campaigning for the teacher to be removed from the school.

“This man does not need to be teaching young children. It’s not a gray area. End of story,” he said
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