A Jammed Lagos During The Short-lived NNPC Strike (Photos)

 Following the short-lived NNPC strike,events that preceeded the action was overwhelming!
Check Photos:
                                     The other side of secretariat was on stand -still

Secretariat axis was tight with traffic due to the number of fuel stations on the other side of the road.Apparently, the other side was free in the morning.

 Vehicles maneuvered their way any how they could!
 Stranded commuters at secretariat bus stop
 Some even accosted private car owners for lifts
 A bus driver sweating profusely in the heat of the traffic caused by the long queues at  fuel  stations
 Endless queues caused more traffic
  A jammed fuel station
 Otedola area,along berger
Young men ‘hustling’ to get some fuel with their generators as filling stations refuse to sell in gallons and other such containers.
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