These Dads Were Traumatized After Watching Their Partners Give Birth

“I was holding one of my wife’s legs, with a younger midwife holding the other one. The doctor
pulled the baby in a way that looked unbelievably hard and then cut my wife as the head emerged. I will never forget the snapping sound the skin made or the scream that came from my wife. It was such a scream of utter shock and pain beyond imagining. As I was right there, holding her leg, I saw the whole thing.”-dad1

"I didn't know what [the placenta] was. That was the most traumatic moment for me because I didn't know if the baby was dead or alive, and then two nurses came out with an empty incubator, but didn't speak to me. That's the moment that keeps popping into my head."-dad2

"Witnessing Brian’s birth had turned me off sex altogether.Witnessing the trauma of childbirth, coupled with the toll it takes on their partner’s body, can have a devastating impact on a man and his approach to sex".-dad3

"Each time I remember,I feel frozen to the spot, my stomach in knots and my heart pounding".-dad4

..."watching her in pain during a three-day long, difficult labor and seeing the toll that it took on her body had a devastating impact on me. Poor baby!"-dad5

 A 47-year-old entrepreneur said that watching his wife breastfeed their baby made him never want to have sex with her again because. He explained it by saying, "I felt my wife's body was no longer mine."-dad6

"Watching my wife give birth scared me away from her vagina"-dad7

Though, a leading obstetrician has caused a massive controversy by making an impassioned plea for men to stay out of the delivery room. For the sake of the mother, the baby and the father’s future mental health and sex life.

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