Preschool Depression

Some times we are concerned when preschoolers exhibit signs of depression,it is necessary know that it’s a legitimate problem for some young children. 

Nobody believed preschoolers could get depressed.People generally assume children under the age of six are developmentally immature to experience the core emotions of depression.

However,a new study provides proof of depression in youngsters.

 Researchers followed 193 children between 3 and 6 years old for 11 years to monitor and collect data from brain scans. Ninety those children had been diagnosed with a major depressive disorder. 

They found that as the children got older, those who experienced depressive symptoms showed a greater loss of cortical gray matter—a substance important for emotion regulation—than those kids who weren’t depressed.

The early experience of depressive symptoms was the factor that predicted the alteration in gray matter development.

The research suggests that depression follows kids into adolescence. In other words, the brain won’t necessarily just grow out of it.

 Based on these findings,there is a treatment plan to help depressed kids, starting from preschool-age. Aptly named Parent Child Interaction Therapy—Emotion Development (PCIT-ED), it begins with improving the relationship and interaction between parent and child.

When the relationship between parent and child is balanced,then there would be no record of depression registered in the child or it would be reduced to the bearest minimum.
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