Police Man Goes Gaga At Alapere! - Justifies Killing Of Nigeria Citizens By Fellow Cops!

I left Alapere in a jiffy. Obviously the police man works there. He boarded the kombi bus i was in, heading to Mowe . A passenger said he is a police and a mechanic.
The conductor politely asked where he would alight. He refused to answer after three attempts.
The conductor was dismayed. He couldn't believe his eyes! A lastma official at Alapere had asked him to take him into the bus as a staff. Which meant he would'nt pay.
Obliging him became a pain as the policeman flared up and threatened the conductor saying his questioning is a reason why policemen get so angry and kill!
At this point every passenger screamed at him for making such a comment.
Some recorded his voice while others were on the attack!
I managed to pick a pix of him, couldn't go farther because I was scared of loosing my Gadget amidst the angry crowd when the bus halted.

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