Picture Of Mum Breastfeeding At A Wedding Goes Viral

This image of a mum breastfeeding her son at a wedding has sparked a debate [Photo: Instagram/dahs]

Dressed in an emerald green, floor-skimming satin dress with her hair swept back in a wet-look chignon, Haddas Ancliffe looks every inch the stylish wedding guest as she poses for a picture. But the blogger wasn’t the only one making an appearance in the snapshot, as the new mum was also joined by her 18-month-old son, who she was breastfeeding at the time.

‘Just me and my baby having a drink (Gotta do what you gotta do, wedding or not)’ the 21-year-old blogger, who goes by the name Dahsi, wrote captioning the Instagram shot with the hashtag #normalizingbreastfeeding.

Since posting the candid snap has been liked 2,619 times and received over two hundred comments many praising the mum for highlighting the normality of breastfeeding.
Haddas Ancliffe uses her blog to try and normalise parenting issues like breastfeeding [Photo: Instagram/dahs]

‘It’s so nice to see you put your baby’s needs before your own,’ one follower wrote.

‘Keep on doing what you do and be strong. Let’s normalise breastfeeding and make people realise how wonderful it is,’ added another

But while many comments came down on the positive side of the morality fence, some criticised the mum for ‘over-sharing.’

‘It’s cool you’re breastfeeding but don’t need to show it to the world,’ wrote one

‘Haha why post this on instagram. Do this in private,’ one man wrote

Another felt even more aggrieved by the shot writing that the photo made them feel 'ill’.

Others stepped into defend Ancliffe’s choice to share the image: 'How can people not been ok with this but ok with a girl in a skimpy thong bikini or less.’
It’s not the first time the blogger has shared pictures of her breastfeeding son Jonah [Photos: Instagram/dahs]

Claiming she uses her blog as a platform for ‘self expression and open sharing’, this isn’t the first time Ancliffe has shared photos of herself breastfeeding her son Jonah in a bid to breakdown breastfeeding in public stigmas.

And she’s also used the photo sharing site it to tackle body issues, inspiring other mothers by sharing unedited photos of her post-baby body. Alongside a picture of her stomach the honest mum wrote:

‘So this is my tummy nearly 11 months postpartum. It’s covered in stretch marks, has a little sag and is nowhere near as flat as it used to be.
The new mum has also shared unedited pictures of her post-baby body to inspire other mums [Photo: Instagram/dahs]

‘Today I’m going back to the gym for the first time since having Jonah. There’s so much pressure in our society for mothers to “get their bodies back” and you feel a constant shame if you’re not working out to do that, but I can honestly say I am not ever going to try to get my body back.

‘I will workout to be stronger but not to change how I look. My body did the most incredible thing a human body could do and it should only ever be loved and appreciated for it. I am beautiful, screw what mainstream society says, I’m sexy too!’

Seems like this blogger is tackling parenting taboos one Instagram post at a time.

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