Newborn Triplets Head Home After Their Mom Died Following A Blood Clot

Kansas mom Cassia Rott passed away unexpectedly after giving birth to triplets earlier this month
and last week, the babies' father Joey Rott was finally able to take them home.

Accompanying an image of himself and his five children, Joey Rott wrote on his Facebook: "Such a bittersweet day.

"He also said "The best part of my life and the worst part of my life happened in the same week" 

A few days after giving birth, Cassia Rott was allowed to hold her newborn triplets in the NICU for the first time before she was released to return home to her two older daughters, who are aged two and six.

According to a Gofundme page, she woke up one morning last week with severe chest pains and went to the ER, where a scan revealed a large blood clot in her lungs.

"It's very likely the clot was caused by the pregnancy and C-Section," the page reads. "She was soon released. Friday, February 5th, Casi was able to hold all three babies in the NICU for the first time before she returned home to see the older girls. Casi passed away very unexpectedly Monday."

To help the Rotts, more than a thousand strangers have now donated to the family's GoFundMe campaign. Within 15 days, over $63,000 has been raised to help support the family of six.

There are so many people that are here to help me," Joey Rott said

He is also encouraging friends and family to send in stories about his wife so he can prepare a memory book for his young children, who may never remember their mother.
"This will be a great way to help [Piper, Levi, and Asher] learn more about their mother," he said.

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