NEMESIS! Man Gets Stuck Inside Another Man’s Wife After Sex (photo)

man sleeps with someone's wife

man sleeps with someone's wife
A Twitter user, @Kevin_teya, is claiming that a guy in Kitale, Kenya had sex with someone’s wife and he got stuck.
The man and the woman
See the tweet below:
This guy in Kitale decided to mess with someone’s wife..And Now ‘They have refused with each other’ pic.twitter.com/zZINH7tAoM
— Ole Teya (@Kevin_teya) February 21, 2016
See what people are saying about the alleged incident below:
@Kevin_teya watatii…this is the best way to catch cheaters
— ksmal (@kanacess) February 21, 2016
@Kevin_teya Damn..this shit is real????
— Salma’s Boyfriend (@Philip_iz_me) February 21, 2016
@Kevin_teya @SirMash_. Someone’s wife!!! Wives are at home with their husbands. Huyu ni ‘felanga free’
— Cyrus Mwaniki (@muchiracyrus63) February 21, 2016
@Kevin_teya I thought I was watching nigeria movie til I saw #somewhere in kitale
— faidez kanchumba (@faidez4) February 21, 2016

Lol! Nawa o…and those little children are watching?
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