Mum Comes Under Fire For Buying Her 15yr Old Daughter Waist Trainer To Wear Under Her School Uniform

 Mum comes under fire for buying her 15yr old daughter waist trainer to wear under her school uniform

A mum, 48 year old Karen Green from Southend, has been blasted by other mums for buying a waist trainer for her 15 year old daughter, Tilly, because 'it gives her a better shape in her blazer'.

Tilly says wearing a waist trainer has defined her figure & given her more confidence. The teen says her friends have also jumped on to the waist training craze and compare who has the smallest waist under their school uniforms. Explaining why she bought the device for her daughter, Karen said;

Tilly's mother Karen, who has been married to Tilly's father for 20 years, said: 'Tilly told me 18 months ago that she wanted one. She follows the Kardashians and other celebrities who have been promoting their use. I did my research and while I wasn't totally sure I approved of a growing teen having a device which potentially might restrict bone development and growth I knew if I didn't buy it for her she'd get it herself.'

Over the past four years Karen said her daughter, 'partly due to great genes, waist training, gymming and dieting' has undergone a 'remarkable transformation'. She is even compared to her idol Kylie Jenner. Tilly is now trying to follow in her mother's footsteps - she used to be a fitting model for Debenhams - and become a part-time model or work as a Kylie lookalike.

'People think you are not mature at 15 but I am and I'm glad my mum is aware of what I wanted and got it for me. I can't tell you how many girls I know from schools around here use waist trainers under their uniform. It's the new trend and I think my friends are in awe I can tell my mum about it.' 

Tilly at 13..
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