Turner said the student's clothing violated the school's dress code, which states students "may wear jeans, slacks, shorts that extend past the mid-thigh (mid-thigh is determined as halfway between inseam and knee), gauchos or Capri pants." A student can't have any holes or distressed areas in their clothes above the mid-thigh level. Dresses and skirts have to reach mid-thigh, even if a student is wearing leggings or tights, according to the code.
Leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, tights or tight-fitting bottoms cannot be worn during the school day if they don't fit the above requirements, according to the policy.

Turner said if the parent had not taken her daughter home, the student could have stayed at school and gone to her classes.
If the student violated the dress code for a fifth time, he or she would get three days
in school suspension.
Detroit Free Press