Manchester University Students Remember Classmates Killed In I-69 Crash

Deangelo EvansBrook M. Dagnew
 Deangelo Evans                                                               Brook M. Dagnew

Nerad Grace MangaiKirubel Alemayehu Hailu
Nerad Grace Mangai                 Kirubel Alemayehu Hailu

Counselors are available at Manchester University Monday after three students were killed by a drunk driver around 6 a.m. Sunday on northbound I-69 in Grant County.

It happened just north of the Grant-Delaware County line.
An outpouring of love started early Sunday at the Intercultural Center on the Manchester University campus after students learned the news.

All three of the student killed were international students from Nigeria and Ethiopia.
Police say a van carrying a group of students broke down in Grant County just north of the Grant-Delaware county line. The van was partially off the highway and seven students were standing outside of it.

That's when police say 26-year-old Deangelo Evans of Chicago, who was driving under the influence, hit four of the students.

Brook M. Dagnew, Nerad Grace Mangai and Kirubel Alemayehu Hailu died at the scene. The fourth victim, at last check, was still listed in critical condition at a Fort Wayne hospital.

"She was a bright spirit, said E'Mon Harris, a Manchester freshman. "Always studied biology together. We're planning to on Wednesday."

"I knew Brooke and he would always cheer you up with a smile," said freshman Sarah Lopez. "He was always known on campus for his bright smile and happy attitude. I always enjoyed seeing that when I went to the cafeteria, which is mostly where I saw him."

School officials say that because of the family-like atmosphere, everyone will rally together to get through this difficult time.

"Those individual students had close friends," said David McFadden, president of Manchester University. "And faculty and staff are close with them, as well. So, that's all going to surround them with love and prayers during a very difficult time."

The students were returning from campus visits to Ball State and Taylor University.

The suspect in the case, Evans, sustained minor injuries. He now faces seven felony charges in the deaths. Formal charges were filed Monday.

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