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Many times we fail to realize that the best way to help children grow academically,morally,socially is by connecting with the parents and teachers.The result of such connection is 50-50.The students between, gain from the connectivity involving the parents and teachers,thereby registering success at home and in school.

A child who fails to do his or her assignment must be visited from the home to know why assignments are not done.The feedback will enable the teacher know how to attend to such matters.It's either the parents are not available to monitor the child's progress or the child is lackadaisical about his or her home work.

The teacher can now find the best approach to the issue.Either the parent or student needs counselling.

Other related challenging areas could be;
*Poor eating habit in school
*Inability to socialize
*Bad hand writing
*Withdrawn behavior
These are just a few out of so many.

Some of these problems can be attributed to certain factors from home or school.They could be psychological,emotional,and so on .

A student who was once vibrant suddenly became a recluse.It took the efforts of the teacher to discover that her parents have been constantly at war at home and this has been affecting her socially,as she began to develop inferiority complex among her mates when they talked about fun at home.

The same girl  developed emotional instability because she is never happy.Even if there happy times,her sad moments recall automatically and right there,she is sad again and again.

Her academic pursuit is troubled because of her instability and a sequence of problems follow.

How would such a student excel?

The follow up with the home when tallies with the school would yield better results.Aisha,with the aid of her teacher and parents involvement in her life made her overcome series of problems which of course would have ended her ambition to become a doctor.

Her parents are no longer heading for a divorce,the home is vibrant now, she socializes with her mates easily,she is emotionally stable and psychologically balanced and importantly,she presently has the best result in her school.

Aisha's hope to be a doctor will be a reality as long as things don't go sore again.

The student- teacher-parent cycle is important to the overall well being of the student.

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