A Student Had the Most Unexpected Message For One Mom Breastfeeding in Public

Breast feeding in public has become a norm in society and the story ahead is proof. One mom was breastfeeding at a Chipotle restaurant when a group of college students walked in. On their way out, one girl stopped by and left the most heartwarming message:

 Katy writes, "Friends of mine were at Chipotle today and it was packed with students from a nearby college. One girl ran over, dropped this on the table, smiled and walked out the door. So amazing to see that what we are doing is having an impact on future generations!" smile emoticon
Thank YOU for nursing in public.

Her note — on behalf of the next generation of moms hoping to be able to feed their children in public without being stigmatized — is just the latest good deed toward normalizing the act of nursing in public places. Kudos to this young woman!

Source;Pop Sugar
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