10 Ways To Avoid Doing The School Run In Your Pyjamas

A head teacher in Darlington sparked a national debate last week after writing to parents to request they stop doing the school run in their pyjamas

As a mother of two young children, I know how hard it can be to get everybody up and out of the door before 9am. When you have spent the morning battling to feed, dress and wash children who do not WANT to be dressed, fed and washed, by the time you arrive at the school you often have no idea what you are wearing.

However, thanks to a simple technique called 'Being Late' I have managed to avoid ever taking my daughter to school in my slippers and dressing gown.

But if lateness is not the option for you - there are plenty of other ways you can ensure that you always arrive at the gate fully clothed and looking fabulous:

1. Do not have more than one child.
The last thing you need is another human to feed, clothe, wash and get ready in the morning.

2. Don't bother going to bed.
Spend the night preparing, cleaning and ironing your School Run Outfit instead.

3. Don't dress the children
Avoid the eight-hour battle to get your kids dressed in the morning by simply allowing them to go to school in their pyjamas. Use this extra time to get dressed, shower and get a French manicure.

4. Cut out food
I don't know about you but I spend more time shouting 'COME AND EAT BREAKFAST' than my kids spend actually eating their breakfast. Save valuable time by just not feeding them at all.

5. Be a celebrity
If you are famous and wear designer pyjamas you will be deemed a 'hero,' like the beautiful Selena Gomaz, or be praised for showing 'your playful side,' like Chris Evans.

6. Don't bother with shoes.
Quite frankly, shoes are a major hindrance to my morning routine. I have two kids so that is FOUR shoes I have to find. Four shoes that are never in the PLACE WHERE WE KEEP THE SHOES. Then once I have located them, I have four feet to force into said shoes. So give kid's shoes a miss and use the extra time to clean and buff your new designer School Run Stilettos. As my toddler once told me; 'I don't need shoes, I can walk in my feet.'

7. Stop caring about teeth hygiene
The only thing more annoying than trying to get your children into shoes in the morning is trying to get them to clean their teeth. So skip the brushing, and work on your own pearly whites instead. Your kids may have brown, rotten teeth by the time they are six, but YOU will have best smile at the school gate.

8. Consider home-schooling.
Make pyjamas the uniform. Your school, your rules.

9. Employ a nanny for the morning shift
And devote the entire morning to making yourself look amazing!

10. Go to bed in your clothes.
Problem solved.

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