Unqualified Ballet Teachers Can 'Damage' Children

Child watching adult en pointe
Dancers need strength and technical understanding before attempting pointe work

Unqualified ballet teachers can cause children "untold physical damage" the Royal Academy of Dance has warned through RAD chief executive,Luke Rittner.

"Unqualified teachers lack important training in anatomy and physiology," he said. 

RAD added that too many parents put their children in dance classes without checking the teachers qualifications.

Encouraging children too early into moves, like going up "en pointe", when the whole body is balanced on the toes, can ruin careers said a source.

 It's not just relatively advanced techniques like pointe work that can cause problems, the academy warns - but forcing "turnout", where dancers splay out their feet and open their hips, can also cause damage.

And "baby ballet", which children can start before two, must be handled with particular care, Mr Rittner told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

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