The Unity Of Twin Dreams- "Girl-Child Education"

Malala meets up again with Syrian schoolgirl campaigner in Britain ...

18 year-old Malala Yousafzai and Muzoon Almellehan 17,are the world's most famous campaigners for girl's education . Muzoon's Syrian family was among the first to come to the UK from refugee camps on Syrian borders.

When the Pakistani teenager who survived a Taliban assassination attempt travelled to Syria's border with Jordan nearly two years ago to meet refugees fleeing the war,she heard about a girl called the "Malala of Syria"

Young Muzoon moved from trailer to tent in the camp,urging nervous parents to educate their daughters instead of marrying them off.

Their teenage lives were transformed by two different conflicts.Now,both girls are schooling in Britain.

Recently,their two families reunited in Britain.Does this inspire Malala's later declaration? "We want a Malala-Muzoon army to inspire young girls to stand up for their rights"
And does Muzoon's nod in agreement explain their intention to walk together? Yes is the answer! Malala further said "we always wanted to work together and now we can."
Two hearts beat as one,their lives have just begun...

Como ‘Malalas’ se uniram na luta pela educação de meninas ...
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