The Arms Scandal, A Conspiracy Against Education?


Has it come to mind to ever wonder if the arms scandal was a conspiracy against education to fail?
Like we already have over 2,000 schools shut down in the North-Eastern part of the country,
about 1 million children are not in school,internally displaced persons,abduction of the over 200  Chibok school girls,the incessant killings,caused by insurgency.

Linking the arms issue with education is a big one! If the total budget for procuring arms during the period according to the Federal government was #1.67trn but subsequent audit reports observed non-specification of procurement cost,absence of contract agreements,awards of contracts beyond authorized thresh holds,transfer of funds for unidentified purposes, and general non-adherence to provisions of the Public Procurement Act, then smell the rat! These were characterized by irregularities and fraud.

If delivered ammunition was 40 years old,does that not cast doubt on the shell life? radars delivered without the vital components,jets which were practically not air-worthy and so on, significantly degraded the operational capabilities of the Nigeria Armed Forces in the North -East operation.

If the lives of the killed, lost,abducted students and education in all matters so much,the right actions would bring about right results.At the moment,education is stabbed at the back by those she so trusts to salvage her at a trying time as this in the North-East.Is this to aid and abet with the enemies of education to aid it's fall? or are the culprits corruption-compelled?
The summary is: they haven't given the best shot to open the closed doors to the longing desire of students to return to school and achieve their dreams in the North-East!
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