The Advantages Of One On One Learning.

An experienced teacher would furnish his/her student with mnemonics, special codes, rhymes and songs that can be used to correctly remember tricky formula's, periodic tables or botanical names .

Unlike in a class of 30, 40 or 50 students, when you have a teacher its 1 on 1. Just the student and the teacher.

The teacher has the full opportunity to teach, evaluate, monitor, encourage and correct.The student’s strengths and weaknesses become clear and the teacher can advise accordingly.

  • Only one level - This means no mixed abilities or fast finishers to deal with.
  • Material can be supplied by the student. 
  • We as teachers can learn something too. Students can teach us about their interests, work and experiences.
  • We can select material we are sure will interest and motivate the student.
  • There are fewer time constraints. This means we can spend as long as necessary to address our student’s needs, and explore areas of personal interest.

This may have it's disadvantages like limited range of activities,no pair or group work, which can be a bit monotonous for the teacher, and the student.However, it is one of the recommended ways of assisting students who have challenges in certain subjects.

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